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Permanent exhibition

School rules!

On view since 2022, School Rules!, a new, interactive permanent exhibition, uses a variety of expressive means to follow contemporary museological insights. Museum objects, documents, models, ambient installations, and other elements take us on a path through the fascinating history of education from prehistoric times to the present day. By taking us into our youth and reviving our memories of school days, the visit is also an emotional experience.

For more than 120 years, the Slovenian School Museum has been preserving the Slovenian school heritage, which is tightly related to the wider cultural, social, and historical developments in Slovenia. By employing innovative approaches and new means of expression in the new permanent exhibition, curators and other museum workers have sought to bring heritage closer to the public. As the permanent exhibition is the central project of each museum, it is based on the wealth of expert knowledge that follows contemporary museological guidelines and the latest findings of the educational and historical sciences. The permanent exhibition School Rules! presents to the visitor a historical review of education in Slovenia from prehistoric times to the present day.

Exhibition authors

The exhibition is the result of the collective work of the curators, other employees of the Slovenian School Museum and external collaborators: architects, designers, other experts in museum exhibitions and craftsmen, who each contributed in their own way to its content, design, spatial and audio-visual appearance. The permanent exhibition School Rules! was made possible by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Group of authors behind the new permanent exhibition:
Mag Stane Okoliš, Mag Marjetka Balkovec Debevec, Marko Ljubič, Anton Arko, Mateja Ribarič, Dr Branko Šuštar, Polona Koželj, Ksenija Guzej, Franci Kadivec, Mateja Pušnik, Ana Kreč, Marjan Javoršek, Klara Keršič, Matej Prevc
External collaborators and contractors:
Architectural design of the new permanent exhibition: svet vmes, d. o. o.: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kreč, Ana Križaj, Ana Kosi
Graphic design, illustrations: Padalci (Irena Gubanc, Teja Jalovec, Mateja Škofič, Maja Horvat)
Digital content development, AR: Bor Hojs – Studio Tibor
Thanks also to all the others who have contributed to the new permanent exhibition School Rules!