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2024 Calender

The Slovenian School Museum has been creating its own calendar since 2009, with the aim of highlighting the various themes related to education, the pictorial material and the museum objects we hold. This year’s 16th calendar highlights the role of the teacher in the past and today, using records from the old days and humorous photographs from the present. We have designed it in a way that puts teachers from the school of yesteryear in a contemporary setting and questions their role then and now. Pupils and lady teachers try their hand at doing things that were not acceptable or in keeping with the status of a teacher in previous centuries. Over the years, the calendar has already featured dress culture, the school garden, pens, first readers, lessons, picture books and more.

A special feature of the calendar is the rich and informative calendar section, which includes a sowing calendar, moon names, sunrises and sunsets, world days, old Slovenian names of the months and, of course, holidays, holidays and feast days.

Format (open): 32 x 61,6 cm
Order the calendar at the price of 10,00 €, for larger quantities (over 10 copies) we offer a 20% discount!
You can collect it in person or send it by post. In this case, shipping costs will also be charged.

Design and content by Klara Marija Keršič, Mateja Pušnik
Photos by Urška Boljkovac
Design by Marjan Javoršek and Matjaž Kavar, RAORA, d. o. o.
Lectoring: Martina Oberman Žnidarčič
The sowing calendar: Maria Thun 2022 Planting Calendar: as the rights holder in Slovenia, permission to publish by Ajda Publishing House, Vrzdenec, www.ajda-vrzdenec-založ
Printing: Printing house knjigoveznica Radovljica
Print run: 1,200 copies
Museum publication (calendar) No. 158
Published and published by the Slovenian School Museum, for whom mag. Stane Okoliš, October 2023
The calendar is co-financed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia (Office for Development and Quality of Education).