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The mission of the Slovenian School Museum is to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of education, which it demonstrates through the recording, documentation, and study of museum objects, as well as through the processing of materials and research on the history of schools, through its versatile operation and diverse museum activities. Through the latter, it brings the events of school and educational history closer to the visitors using various methods of museum work and presents the development of education on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and of Slovenian education over the state borders and elsewhere in the world, from its beginnings to the present day.

The vision of the institution is to develop into a user-friendly, accessible and open museum which informs visitors about the history of education in various ways and through various forms of museum work and, on the basis of the collected museum objects and processed material on education, provides them with the necessary information and knowledge about the history of education, about the sources and literature for its study, and guides them towards further improvement and research in this field. The museum is conceived as a place of meeting, socialising, and dialogue and aims to become a meeting point for open and creative information for the study of the educational history.